by Ralph Lombard

The Democrats want to play tag, but the Republicans will only play hide and go sneak.

Trump appointees, under oaf, refuse to answer questions.

Now we’re seeing the effects of  “winging” it.

Stonewalls belong in prison.

There’s something phoney about their party-line.

Too few leaders; too many misleaders.

How would I describe this White House in two words or less? Calm Radical.

You made your bed, now lie about it.

If you want to be taken seriously, don’t be such a clown.

I’m a writer who likes to get to the point. Period.

Don’t underestimate nothing.

The contortionist was beside himself.

Did you hear about the Write Brothers? They had a scribbling rivalry.

How do trees feel in the springtime? Releaved!

When everything is too expensive money becomes worth less.

Don’t stand for taking this lying down!