by Ralph Lombard

More testimony lies before us.

No illusion, just collusion.

A fixture is worth a thousand words.

The only thing some people learn from their mistakes is how to blame others.

Jam Sessions, and all that jazz.

One day his mind wandered, and never came back.

As women age they develop a natural protective layer of fat on their bodies. With men, the fat seems to bypass the body and go directly to the head.

Life is a battle. Don’t fight it, face it.

Every cloud has a silver lining, which usually ends up in a one-percenter’s pocket.

In today’s economy, money just about spends itself!

Did you hear about the alcoholic law student? He couldn’t pass the bar because he couldn’t pass the bar.

Where’s the most lucrative place for a lawyer to live? Sioux City.

I found myself lost, which made me feel like a real oxymoron!

“I do so!” insisted the seamstress.

How do low-calorie crackers party? They skinny-dip.

Always remember that being a smartass will come in handy someday if you live long enough.

If you want to Resist, insist and persist!