by Ralph Lombard

This administration isn’t half-bad, it’s all-the-way bad.

We’re really soreing with these turkeys!

Trump Junior seems like a real rip-off the old block..

National Security mutters matter.

Their voter investigation is flawed by fraud.

This year, July has been as hot as a firecracker.

Increased gun sales give US more BANG for our buck.

Black Lives Matter, because no one should have to race for their life.

Hear alone, a voice in the wilderness.

The world’s greatest riches can be found in a heart of gold.

To keep from falling apart, crack yourself up.

I tried to bust a move on the dance floor, butt ended up busted.

Poltergeists are eerie-sponsible.

Soda commercials: Telling it. Like it. Fizz.

What kind of tree has mathematical roots? A triginoma.

For the last time, stop it!

Ying and Yang for everythang.

(P.S.- Haven’t you ever heard of a triginoma tree?)