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Trump’s story: “Dunce upon a time…”

Heartless and hateful in tent city.

Zero tolerance for racists.

If I didn’t have a heart I wouldn’t care.

Don’t make-up your mind by lying to yourself.

I’ve become convinced that GOP only stands for Greedy Old Poops.

Jared is an airhead.

Too many crooks spoil the coup.

A Fox’s tale lies exposed. Telly-Ho!

The battle war on.

Defend your country and abanDON TRUMP.

Free the dumb of speech.

The future spends too much time reflecting upon the past.

Pride goeth before the fall. In the late summer, I think.

The truth will set you free. Unless you’re lying.

If the shoe fits, kick some ass!

Loose lips sink censorships.





To Summit up, the G7 failure was more on Trump.

Fox news viewers are first brainwashed, then put through the spin cycle.

Ironic, isn’t it, when old fakes complain about fake news.

Loyal tea oafs protect Trump.

The Republicans are staging a full-scale Witless Protection Program.

Traitors lie in collusion.

Red herrings can only be washed away with a BLUE WAVE.

People who don’t vote are a vacant lot.

I think Trump’s Cohen to have some ‘splaining to do.

The only par Don can give himself is on the golf course.

Trump is one character with absolutely none.

Policies that trigger mass shootings: BeGUN by the NRA.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s private jet plane. Instead, pray to God to: “Put me in Coach!”

Slaves celebrate what freed ’em.

Limousine drivers have miles and miles to chauffer it.

That boy of mime is really dumb!

First we EXIST, then we EXITS.





Victimize women now and you’ll pay for it vio-later.

Trump and his “fixer” Cohen have disgust business in the past.

Gulianni reminds me of a broken shutter, unhinged and swinging wildly under Stormy conditions.

Republican priorities: Tax evasion and Facts evasion.

Our democracy is being corruptured from within.

You must choose between liberty and conformity, because you can’t have both.

Kim Jong-un has made a Korea of duping ignorant fools.

Trump rallies sell a berating meaness.

What Fox News viewers will believe is unreal!

With Pruitt in charge of the EPA, polluters are getting off Scott-free.

Hot flashes are making Mother Nature environMENTAL.

It’s getting hard to see the trees for the forest fires.

I like many people don’t like many people.

Clowns have turned FACEBOOK into FARCEBOOK.

If you’re a pacifist speak your peace.

“All you need is love”- JOHN 19:67.

You are what you tweet, you twit!



Police brutality justice wrong.

There’s no protesting aloud in a fascist state.

The police suspects their victims.

With outlaws there’s no justice.

Improving world conditions always starts with an idea list.

Doorbells are useful, so don’t knock ’em!

Old habits die hard. Prehistoric cavemen also went out clubbing for dates.

Autobiographies drive past history.

The only question some people ask is why they never get any answers.

To achieve the impossible, define the unknown.

Hypocrites religiously act assholier-than-thou.

There’s shelter for everyone under God’s omnipo-tents.

Mending offenses is time well spent.

If you’re all alone you’ve got no one to blame but yourself.

Quasimodo acted on his hunches.

Take your time before it’s gone.

Nowhere you aren’t.



Just call Trump the Hate White Grope.

He doesn’t feel guilty by reason of inanity.

He pretends to be a big dog, but he’s really just a whiney little bitch.

That’s HIS STORY, and he’s stuck with it.

Fox News will only let you “know” what it wants you to “no”.

Trump supporters: a real cluster flock!

Russian whores may be the most “beautiful”, but Republican whores are the most “dutiful”.

With Pruitt in charge, EPA stands for Environmental Pimping Agency.

Foolish fuels global warming.

Don’t be BLUE, Republicans, just WAVE goodbye.

What gets shorter as it gets longer? Life.

Going away scarce time, which is why it runs out on you.

Where do bunny rabbits vacation? Easter Island.

The beach shore is nice.

He loved his beans so much he was inflatulated with them.

To be free, give yourself a way.


Russia really needs to be Putin it’s place!

Scoundrels will only answer to a lower power.

Trump is a wall nut who borders on insanity.

If only Trump’s presidency was a television show pathetic ratings would have cancelled it long ago.

Trump’s wallet takes money you’ll never get back.

Know-nothings no more answers.

Lawmakers first pass through the lobby, and then go write down ink-corporated loopholes.

Power always is sus-stained with blood money.

The answer justice not revenge.

Get acid relief bicarbonate of soda.

Your worst mistakes are the ones you make last.

I admired Gumby until I found out he had feet of clay.

Seeds of the past feed dreams of the future.

Genuiners are the real champions.

Chess you can, Fabiano Caruana! Skill him!

To be safe, beware there’s danger.

If I make it to Heaven, look me up.




(Special Earth Day Edition)


Global warming is fueling my atmosfear.

Carbon-dioxide emissions are driving Mother Nature crazy!

Reality can be denied but not defied.

Your car been polluting.

It’s not nice to fuel Mother Nature!

The Earth is being exhausted, so let’s all just give it a brake.

You can’t fix things by turning down the thermostatistics.

Truth only lies when it’s dead.

When energy companies have too much power, as they currently do, they can charge whatever and wherever they want.

Greed only takes care of itselfishly.

Life’s too short, and getting shorter by the minute!

Global warming: The beginning of an anti-climatic ending.

Our responsibilities onus.

I don’t get no respect. My GPS told me to get lost!

There’s a hidden security in obscurity.

To be one with nature, don’t get beside yourself.

Renewable is do-able.


Russian collusion is being denied by the Fox News Nyet-work.

Open your eyes to real allies who your real friends are.

A nuclear and present danger threatens today’s world.

Be careful! Russian spies keep their ears open over here.

Never hit the snooze button on the doomsday clock.

I feel sorry for fatheads. They have an infinite weight to under-stand.

We should have guessed the lunatic fringe woodwork for Trump.

Shut-up and save the wails.

I’m surprised he didn’t pardon Benedict Arnold as well.

A knit-wit’s yarn soon unravels.

Golden showers mean urine  trouble.

I don’t know why, but chimp-acts are always a hit.

If your thoughts are too sensitive, don’t put them down!

Acquire your heavenly music in church.

Holy-bliss sings gospel music.

It’s way too heavy to ponder us.

Never doubt forever.


“The Art of the Ordeal” by Donald Trump. In the  whorer section.

Hopefully, no Stone lies unturned by Mueller.

The press sure is getting to you, Donald.

To build a great wall why not get the real experts… China!

Trump should be mentally committed by now.

Only a real asshole is that full of shit!

I hope Trump eventually gets his wallop, by God!

Everything tyrants seize they steal.

Beside themselves narcissists only love mirrors and yes-men.

Voters shouldn’t gamble with these political odds that are so obviously crooked.

In their war against reality, they’re now drafting con-scripted fake news lip service.

I think it’s pauseable to stop time.

Know more questions than answers.

Look where there’s no justice incite.

When your wait is over, diet!

Pray to become wholly-spiritual.

Never forsake God, for God’s sake!




Not surprisingly, Trump has stoop-ed down to a new low.

Trump vs. Stormy: Thugs vs. Jugs.

Fox news viewers mind being controlled.

Those living in an ignorant state are easy to fool.

Upon reflection, Ingraham’s wholly weak apology lacks principals or class.

Parkland students have paid too high a price, so give them the change they’re due.

To find a solution, search insight out.

Our cops runneth over… civil liberties!

Space debris insurance: Protecting you from space junk fragments or bits.

Chicken Little was a visionary.

As if the world hasn’t had enough Chinese junk dumped on it already!

April fools joke practically all the time.

Easter and April fools on the same day? Better watch out for rubber peeps!

If you don’t want to tie yourself down, why knot?

When angry, folk cuss.

Remember, world, we’re all in this together.

It’s father across the universe. RIP, dad.